May 212011

Barak Husain Obama, The Biggist Pawn In Modern History!

The real Super Power in America, are those Super -Wealthy Elite Families that controls through an elaborate corporate structure, over 90% of America’s wealth. Behind closed doors, the elite manipulate their Secret Agenda and select their personal-spokesman every four years. We call the elite’s loyal spokesman….. ‘The President of the United States’,…. but in reality he is chosen in advance despite of a perceived National Election to serve the purpose of those wealthy-elite families.
From out of obscurity to being groomed for the next President of the United States over a very well known Hillary R. Clinton is amazing. Barack Husain Obama had to make two critical concessions early on to seal the deal, besides ‘signing his soul over to the Devil’ .
First, he had to separate himself from and openly ‘denounce’ Reverend Wright for his out-spoken (but truthful) views on a racist America, even though Reverend Wright’s views are shared by the majority of African Americans.
And two, Obama had to make it absolutely clear to the white American public through this statement….. “I am not a black President; I am a President who happens to be black” (in other words, firmly seat his ‘blackness’ in the back of the buss). That modern-day ‘Uncle Tom-ish’ statement by Obama would pacify (or ease) the thought of the Euro-Christian racist elements in this country’s deep-seated hate for blackness (in this case a Black President) that would be perceived of being proud of his blackness or exhibiting any kind of ‘Presidential Black Pride’.
Barack Husain Obama was put in the White House for many covert reasons; one being, because of a potential war, looming in Africa could only be sold in Africa if the Commander-In-Chief of America had an African appearance. A black man—with a Muslim middle name, and a last name that rhymes with Osama was hand-picked and vetted to act as President of The United States of America so that the African continent would not “fight back” and so that the African Americans in the US military can fight along to the imperialist bitter end without qualm of conscience….Abu Dharr
In the real world the American Multi National Empire’s military operation could care less about Libya’s so-called rebellion or revolution or how many lives are snuffed out in the process. Libya’s has the best Light Sweet-Crude Oil on the planet and America’s interest (greed) sees Mega Big Bucks up for grabs and is more than willing to go to war for obtaining its control. If that means blowing Qaddafi to smithereens, so be it!
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